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honestly, beautifully enough.

hey guys!

my name is kortney alacyn and i am twenty-six years old! welcome to my blog, i am a colorado native, currently living in the cutest dollhouse in a tiny part of colorado springs called old colorado city. i purchased this house four months ago, and have been working on countless projects ever since! (did i mention it was built in 1895?!) i am a lover of DIY projects, and an even bigger lover of finding every shortcut possible for those DIY projects. which basically just means it ends up taking me twice as long to get any of them done (sorry roomies!). i currently work from home as a report specialist for insurance agents, but it looks like God has some big changes headed my way - one of those being in my career. so stay tuned there! :)

i have failed at blogging more times than i can count, and so when this idea settled on my heart, i really fought against it for a while. but the truth is this blog has a purpose, and because of that purpose, i'm committed. i want each and every one of you to come away from reading anything that i post on here feeling better than you were when you clicked whatever you clicked that got you here. i have struggled with shame, and self-doubt, and believed so many debilitating lies about myself over the years. but God has blessed my life with people and opportunities to grow through, and today i sit at my desk typing these words knowing i am imperfect, but i am enough. i've fought some tough battles in the last three years to get to where i am today, and i am so excited to share with you what i have learned about truth, self-worth, having a victor mindset, creating a community, and so much more! the truth is, i'm scared to share my stories with you. i'm scared that someone else could do it better. i'm scared that you'll hear my stories and judge me and criticize me, and that ultimately i will fail. i'm scared that my vulnerability will only make you uncomfortable, but not actually help anyone. but - God did not give me a spirit of fear! He gave me a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). so i'm naming my fears and telling them to hit the road!

guys, i'm excited. i hope you'll hang in here with me as i try to share my heart with you. i want you to know that i believe God loves you and wants a relationship with you, and i am praying that you believe that too. i want you to know that you are beautiful, and strong, and that, while i want you to be living your best life as the best version of yourself, no matter what you are dealing with YOU ARE ENOUGH. honestly, beautifully enough.

kortney alacyn

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