merry christmas ||2018||

i had every intention of sharing some super cute and fun photos of all of my christmas decor with you all - but then i forgot my camera, which had said photos on it, at my house when i came up to the cabin this year! so i'm going to share the few photos that i do have with me and tell you about some of my favorite christmas traditions instead!

1) christmas movies!! my very favorite christmas movies are miracle on 34th street (the 1994 version), how the grinch stole christmas (with jim carrey), the santa clause, white christmas, elf, the polar express, a christmas carol (also with jim carrey), and it's a wonderful life!

2) christmas cookies & candy baking. my family basically does sugar cookies for every holiday season - but it's always a good time. we have such a variety of cookie cutters that we've gathered from over the years, and watching my nephews layer on the frosting and sprinkles in amounts that would give anyone a sugar coma is a delight. it's also fun watching my niece dump out the sprinkles so that she can lick them up (hehehe). my mom is a fantastic baker, and every year since we were young and home schooled we would bake all kinds of candies! glass candy (which we call grinch candy!), toffee, fudge - which is my personal favorite, caramel, and more!!

3) christmas music! i used to start listening to christmas music in july, because i just missed it by that point in the year! i feel like now my years go by so fast that i can't believe it when it's christmas again, but when that first snow rolls around the christmas music MUST go on (even if it's in october!). amy grant has been part of my christmas season for as long as i can remember - and certain songs of her's still take me back to when i was four or five years old. in recent years dave barnes, michael buble, matt wertz, straight no chaser, and pentatonix have made up the majority of my christmas playlists, but i also love the classics (dean martin, nat king cole, bing crosby, frank sinatra, johnny mathis, etc).

4) christmas lights! i'm not the best at getting christmas lights up on the exterior of my home, but i absolutely love admiring everyone else's hard work! a favorite tradition with one of my best friend's is to do a christmas light scavenger hunt! this year i added a yeti/the abominable snowman to the list. my friend thought it was going to be impossible to find, but on one of the very last streets we drove down there was a house all lit up with a great big abominable snowman on the front porch!!! we were so excited!

5) christmas at the cabin! my family has been spending christmas together at our family cabin in the mountains for years now. all thirteen of us (and our fourteen dogs!) make the trip and spend the days playing games, watching movies, eating way to much delicious food, wrapping presents, and loving on one another. we open our gifts from each other on christmas eve - and with all of us buying gifts for everyone, it takes about five hours to get them all opened!! but it's more fun than words can properly convey. christmas morning we see what santa brought us, and then we play and cook and rest and eat all day long!! i am so thankful for this time that i have with my family! and yes, with us thirteen and the fourteen dogs it is absolutely and constantly insane!!!

what are some of your favorite christmas traditions??

kortney alacyn

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