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Hello! Long time no chat... LONG time. Here's a quick recap of what I did in 2020, so that we can catch up. The more exciting things will *hopefully* get their own post with lots of photos and details, but until then... January started off with a business trip to San Antonio with Ryan's Castland crew. It was my first trip to San Antonio, and we all stayed in a hotel along the river walk. We had way too much fun "scoot scootin" around on the public scooters and eating delicious foods. In November of 2019, I entered into a construction contract with Ryan's dad to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on my property in Old Colorado City. We were finally able to break ground in January after fighting with the city about expansive soil and foundation types.

February included work, meeting up with Ryan's cousins who were visiting Breckenridge, fighting against the weather to keep construction going, and starting a few projects on my existing home (now referred to as "the big house"). The Corona Virus was becoming more of a thing, but hadn't yet started to impact our day-to-day. Especially since I was working mostly from home at this point.

March saw continued work on the ADU, a trip to Estes Park, and lock down for Colorado. I'd love to say that I was one of those people who took the time at home to work out regularly, learn to cook/bake something new, and just become an overall, well-rounded person. But that's... not really the case. For me, sheltering-in-place essentially looked like eating a lot of food, coloring giant coloring sheets of dinosaurs and proudly displaying them for my roommates on our refrigerator, and playing lots and lots of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Thanks to my friends, Kim and Lauren, I did get a few workouts in, but not as many as I should have to counteract my constant snacking. Add to my snacking the fact that Ryan used to work at The Melting Pot and makes a KILLER cheese fondue... and well... nom nom nom.

April was very similar to March - more work on the ADU, more fixin' up the big house, food, booze, Animal Crossing, and the occasional workout. During the month of May, I helped Ryan coordinate an award ceremony for his crew (which was lots of fun!), started making interior design choices for the ADU, participated in a virtual baby shower for my sister who was expecting her first baby, watched as my sister labored and worked hard to bring that baby girl into the world at home, and celebrated my 28th birthday. Ryan, Kim, and Lauren spoiled me with a trip to Lake Pueblo (which included my first time on jet skis!) and a camping trip in Pike National Forest. I later got to celebrate with my family, and they also spoiled this old gal.

In June, Ryan officially started a second production company called Vindicator Media. He also started phasing out of his responsibilities at Castland. With this new company we will be focusing much more on the creative side of video production vs. the corporate side. We also went camping with the crew in June to come up with a handful of "log-lines" and to get those creative juices flowing! Things started to get pretty serious with the ADU this month, and with finishing up a bunch of DIY projects in the big house. I had the help of Mallory from Blonde Cactus Interiors to transform my kitchen, and man, she's AWESOME at what she does! This is also the month that Ryan decided to sell his small Mazda 3 and purchase a boxy 1998 Jeep Cherokee (affectionately referred to as DB).

July - August was a blur. Lots of progress on the ADU, lots of work on getting Vindicator Media up and running, trips to Estes, Animal Crossing... etc. September was a big month. Construction on the ADU was finally completed, which meant that I got to move in to my 680 sq. ft. home and rent out the big house to help cover my mortgage! Also in September.... RYAN PROPOSED!!!!! With the help of our friends and the most beautiful ring I've ever seen in my entire life, he made it a night to remember! I still can't believe that he's mine-all-mine, sooooo many prayers answered.

In October Ryan turned thirty! We decided to take a combined bachelor/bachelorette/birthday party trip to Las Vegas! When we got back to Colorado, to continue the celebrations, Ryan got his first tattoo - the word Servant - which he's been planning to get for a while. I love the message behind it, and I can't wait to share more details on it with you later. All of the women in my family threw me a lingerie shower, which was filled with fun, laughter, and lots of memories I'll cherish forever. On October 20th, Ryan and I eloped. Even before COVID, eloping was something that we had always talked about. We went with a "planned" elopement, and made it exactly what we wanted it to be. I will definitely be sharing more details about our special day in a later post, but for now I can say that despite some serious obstacles (like the state being on fire), it was absolutely perfect. Immediately afterwards we went to Destin, FL for our honeymoon which was heavenly! I can't wait to go back!

November was quite the month... Before we celebrated our first month of being married, Ryan was involved in a very scary head-on collision. Statistically, it was an accident that he shouldn't have survived. But he did, and so did the driver of the other vehicle. I am still thanking God every day for protecting them both, and for Ryan's continued healing! Never take a second of life or love for granted! We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple at home with our friend, Kim, who made us a killer turkey! It was so different from the large family Thanksgivings that I'm used to, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

December was full of Christmas celebrations with family and friends. We were able to take a trip to Florida with my entire family for the week leading up to Christmas Eve. Despite all of the regulations and masks, it was still a very special experience to be there with all fifteen of us! Ryan and I celebrated Christmas just the two of us on the 27th, and he once again spoiled me. I absolutely love being his wife. We started some new traditions for our family, and made memories that will last forever.

That pretty much sums it up. If you made it through all of that, I'm impressed and grateful! What was your favorite part of 2020? Tell me in the comments! Back again soon, God-willing!

Kortney Alacyn

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